Garage Laundry Room

Garage Laundry Room

Raise your hand if you love laundry! How about doing laundry in your cold garage with your washer and dryer seven feet apart from each other? My hand is not up. But, that’s how we did laundry in Casa de Dorobek for almost two years. Over the last few months (we have a new baby, so DIY takes a lot longer these days), we made our garage laundry corner more useful, cute, and organized. Check it out above.
garage laundry room 1

Garage Laundry Room

I’ve had a garage laundry room for the past eight years. For the most part I don’t mind it. It’s actually nice to be able to have it in the garage rather than in piles in a hallway or such. I have a clothes rack in the garage where I hang clothes as I pull them out of the dryer and put them on hangers and a table where I can fold. So, I really have a lot more room than if I had just a laundry closet in the house. The biggest downfall is the temperature, especially in the summer when it’s over 100° here. So when the temperature is an issue, I try to do laundry early in the morning when it’s not so hot.
garage laundry room 2

Garage Laundry Room

Jamie Dorobek , the mastermind of the blog C.R.A.F.T. (Creating Really Awesome Free Things), masterminded a way to make her laundry routine a lot better. She needed a way to stack her mismatched washer and dryer and bring a little order to her laundry space. She and her husband came up with this terrific garage laundry nook.
garage laundry room 3

Garage Laundry Room

When I was growing up, my best friend’s parents had their laundry room in their garage.  And it was the cleanest garage I’ve ever seen to date.  Y’all, my friend’s mom vacuumed the garage floor.  That’s some serious cleaning right there.
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Garage Laundry Room

Is space at a premium in your home and you’re wondering if perhaps you could use part of your garage as a place to install your washer and dryer? If so, it’s better if you aren’t using your garage for too much more than storing your vehicle during the cold season. And of course, the garage should be reasonably clean. So here are a few tips to help you plan and execute the conversion. First of all, depending on where you live—whether it’s very cold or very warm—your garage should be insulated and heated (or air-conditioned). Second of all, it’s preferable not to dry large items (such as bedding) inside your garage, as this can increase the humidity level, making things uncomfortable. The only way to offset this effect would be to install a dehumidifier.
garage laundry room 5

Garage Laundry Room

This is what I want to go for in the garage, right down to the wall and floor colors. I want to rip out the laundry room and put folding doors in front of the washer and dryer. Add a sink like the one for washing pets. I will have to look into how expensive these cabinets are, they sure are nice. Wow, I think its possible we could end up with a garage that we could park our cars in. -CAB
garage laundry room 6

Garage Laundry Room

However, in full disclosure and all that, the third thing I would not repeat is getting a lemonade dispenser for soap, even if you get in on sale. It sure is pretty, but if you are someone who is in a hurry to get things done – especially when it comes to laundry, the soap just takes waaaaaay too long to come out. It does come out eventually, but not with any type of recognizable speed. Wouldn’t it be great if laundry soap came in pretty containers. I bet if they hired a product designer or something they could come up with something that looks a little happy on a shelf. I love the idea of a dispenser like this, but something with better function would be oh so nice. We have talked about adding a couple of shelves behind the wing wall on the left for soap containers to solve this issue.
garage laundry room 7

First, before making the decision to house your washer and dryer in the garage, you’ll have to figure out which part of the garage you can do it in, making sure there’s access to plumbing (for hot and cold water, as well as for drainage). You’ll also have to figure out where to vent the moist air coming out of the dryer. As for electricity, without getting too technical, you’ll need to make sure the necessary outlets can be installed there. It’s recommendable to entrust the plumbing and electrical work to qualified experts. Meanwhile, you can focus on the carpentry and finishing work. If your garage isn’t heated or if it’s difficult to keep it at a moderate temperature, you should consider installing a false floor. The raised floor will create a more pleasant place to work.
garage laundry room 8

This bleak mudroom is not an impressive entry to the home. The cinderblock walls, exposed pipes and worn concrete floors could use a serious (and colorful) uplift. Plus, this space needs to serve as a multifunctional mudroom/laundry room/utility room without the electrical eyesores.
garage laundry room 9

Situated in a small corner of the house, this washed-out laundry room feels awkward and cramped. To create an open and inviting space, the separating wall needs to be torn down and the old linoleum floors need to be replaced.
garage laundry room 10

You know your own style.  If you prefer things on the plainer side, then streamline.  If you prefer things to be pretty with flair, search Pinterest for some fabulous laundry room inspiration and get busy.
garage laundry room 11

This cold and dreary space looks more like a dungeon than a garage. There is significant water damage, and the old, crumbling walls leak from the moisture in the backyard. Working with an extremely tight budget, this garage needs to somehow house a gardening station, workspace and a car.
garage laundry room 12

To make the interior of this home look well-coordinated, a wall was torn down to create one large open space. Adjacent to this laundry area, a lively dining area shares the same built-ins, concrete countertops and tile backsplash. New hardwood floors and a neutral wall color help brighten the space and add necessary color.
garage laundry room 13

After everything is nice and clean, you need to organize your laundry space.  Now you may have to spend a little bit of money here, as organizing supplies/shelving aren’t always cheap.
garage laundry room 14

The other issue we had to solve when moving the dryer was the vent. Since our laundry nook borders an exterior wall, we just had to poke a hole through our wall and install a dryer vent. And by poke, I actually mean hammer drill through the stone siding on our house.
garage laundry room 15

I knew going into this house that there was no mudroom/back entryway/drop zone. And, I knew exactly where everyone’s backpacks and jackets would end up when they came in through the garage entrance. The kitchen floor has become the official dumping ground, just as I predicted. (It never looks this clean, by the way.) So, …
garage laundry room 16

Take as many items out of your garage that you can.  Sweep down all of the cobwebs, get rid of the spiders, giveaway any and everything that needs to go to a new home, and sweep the floor meticulously.
garage laundry room 17

Now, if you can’t take more than 3 steps in your garage without tripping over something, that’s a different issue.  You’ll need to devote a weekend (or two) to getting rid of a few things.  But I promise you: it feels so good to have things straight and clean.  You’ll be ridiculously more productive in a place where you can actually walk around.
garage laundry room 18

To create this stunning multifunctional garage, the damaged walls were repaired and covered with a water-sealing paint. To prevent future water damage from happening, the landscape was re-graded and a French drain was installed. To make this a comfortable year-round workshop, a portion of the budget was used to install new electrical wiring, a ceiling fan and an infrared heater.
garage laundry room 19

This sweltering attic definitely serves its purpose as a storage space. However, the homeowners would like to finish the 400-square-foot space and turn it into an engaging and vibrant bonus room with a full bathroom, study and plenty of storage solutions. First, the entire room needs proper insulation, new flooring and drywall to cover the existing wood rafters.
garage laundry room 20

This unfinished home addition provides the ultimate blank canvas. The homeowners want to turn the new space into a combination mudroom, living room, playroom and bathroom.
garage laundry room 21

The home’s previous owners used this outdated and wood-paneled space as a library full of wall-to-wall bookshelves. Without the bookshelves, the library serves no purpose and has quickly become a storage room and catchall. The current homeowners want to transform the space into a modern and party-ready home bar, complete with ample seating and fully stocked cabinets.

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